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KItcine Developers comprise of a team of elite computer experts who are passionate about software development. The various Computer programmers are put in teams with respect to their area of specialisation in various Software Engineering areas. KItcine Tech was established in 2015 as a platform for like-minded software developers to come together to exchange ideas and together tackle software challenges. Majority of the team members at the time were computer Science, Software Engineering and Information Technology students in top Universities in Kenya. The team made enormous strides in handling complicated software development hence attracting more people to come on board. Currently the team includes students from top Universities in Kenya & United States together with several already established stakeholders in the IT sector.

The importance of technology to the modern world can not be overemphasized. The internet is dominating our social, political, economical and spiritual aspects of lives thus making it such a shame if you get left out. It is prudent to say that a website is your single most important internet investment. In the same light, an elite group of computer enthusiasts decided to come together as Kitcine Developers and help usher you into a world of virtual profuse.

If you planning to launch a webite for an SME,Corporation, learning Institutions, Religious group, Product, Hotel and Recreational Camping sites among others, we are the people to contact for professional output. Kitcine Developers comprises of various specialized groups that deliver beyond the optimum. Our programming team delivers on programming, web design, video editing, game development, mobile apps, shopping Cart Modification, Software/Customization among others. We (a team of Professional website designers and developers) are up every day because they can't let you (the clients) down.

Join the Team

An elite group of computer enthusiasts decided to come together in order to help usher people into a world of virtual profuse. We came to be due to the various interests individuals had towards a particular aspect of technology. It is true that change is the only sure inevitable aspect of life. We risk being extinct by not allowing more individual with fresh blood and expertise to join our team. Any individual with any particular expertise or interest in any aspect of the technology more so pertaining computer and software technology is a sure candidate to joining the team. There are several categories each with an able team leader. In order to learn more about the great benefits accrued from interacting with various people in this vast career you are encouraged to contact us . You will be contacted and if your ambition and interst are in line with our goals the team is always happy to add more birds in our nest.


Website development

Web development is the process through which a good website, mobile apps or other similar platforms are created. You probably have visited a website that look amazing but seems to take ages to load. At times you stumble to a site that does not appeal to your eyes but with a great manoeuvrability. Such websites scare away potential visitors. Imagine the impact of this to your business or a startup for that matter. Web development encompasses several actions including web design, content creation, programming, network security tasks as well as client side or server side scripting. We make a point of incorporating your ideas to create an engaging website. However simple or complex you intent your website to be, we create a thoughtful yet original online experience assured to keep your traffic insane.

It is true that a jerk of all traits is a master of none. To ensure professionalism we have guys specialised in web design, others web programming and a number of web developers. We have proven track record. We can grow your business by connecting you to your ideal customers, turning your website visitors into customers and help you communicate your online brand.

Web Marketing

The Kitcine Developers team understand how important it is for your website to be understood by search engine in addition to offering great content for your visitors. Our team incorporates SEO Web marketing tactics to ensure your website appears on the first page of search engine results.We not only duel on keywords but our Google Experts ensure a sustainable strategy ideal for your specific business long term solutions.Our team understands how search engines algorithm works making them suitable for Optimising websites for the search engine. At your disposol you have a team that is committed to building a successful web strategy. An arrangement can be made to have our team advertise your business on various online platforms including but not limited to cost-per-click advertisement, cost-per mille advertisement, Fixed-Price advertisement, Sponsored Content, subscriptions and paywalls, email advertising and Podcast Advertising.The advertising space can be sold on agreement between the concerned parties. On our blogs we review products pertaining technology as an affliate in addition to promotion of products.

Programming Solutions

The aim of any computer programmer, also software developer, is to come up with a code that makes computing easy for the common folks yet get paid for it. Programming falls into either of the following categories; Web programmer Desktop application Programmer, Distributed applications programmer, Framework/Core programmer, System programmer or Programming scientists. Our team provide the ability to create awesome computing experiences. The team is passionate about building beautiful software and programming apps, which majority of users find irresistible. Like any programmer out there, they feed on challenges and to them nothing is more precise than passing a set milestone. The programming team is conversant with a number of programming languages; XML,HTML amp&; CSS,PHP,Perl,Python,Java,JavaScript, SQL, C++, C#,C and Ruby. If you desire a specific desktop software, games, applets or Android apps this team is your best bet. Debugging and maintaining source codes are some of the secondary tasks this team handles.

Social Media

The popularity of social media and its impact on our life can not be ignored. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter has made an active social media presence a necessity for driving new traffic to your website. The same platform can be utilized on marketing and advertising of products. We ensure that not only does your website have easily accessible links that allow readers to "share" content via Facebook together with having an active Social media page that is appealing to readers and promote engagement from other social media users.We take full advantage of leveraging the power of social media to drive traffic to your website with the social Media Marketing Course for Businesses. We have also realized the power of marketing on the popular video sharing website YouTube with the goal of enticing these readers to visit your website based on the content shared via YouTube.


In personal finance the term infrastructure may be angled to consider the mechanisms put in place by a person to generate finances and thus grow personal wealth. It is prudent to conclude that website is a great infrastructure for successful Personal Finance. At any stage in adult life, an individual may be earning a living by being an employee, self-employed, an entrepreneur or an investor. Business is all about providing a solution with convenience and empathy to a problem and getting people to pay for it. It goes without saying that the first place today's customers are likely to find you is online. We enable you set up your online store and sell online. You can build your e-commerce website, then manage and accept credit card orders. You can upload photos, write a product description and set stock levels. We sort the products you are selling online into categories for easy access. You then can accept orders for your products. We create staff accounts for your website used to log in to the administration area where you manage your online store. You can restrict permission of staff accounts so that only certain people can process orders, manage inventory, manage the blog and web pages.



Wondering if it's worth getting into web development? A tech newbie could be discouraged by the thought of taking years to start dreaming about such a job. "Junior web developer" is a term commonly used for people starting in the web development industry. However, do not let that tiny-sounding title fool you because even Entry-level web developer bring a descent envelope home. Armed with the knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery you are good to crack your knuckles and create your basic site. Once conversant with the above digital super powers, you should also look at getting to know these often-asked-for-extras: web design / UX / Photoshop, Version control, cross-browser compatibility and Responsive web design. You've already conquered the hardest part of the process by getting those must-have skills now you only have to build your own portfolio site, put your code on GITHUB, Contribute to an open source project,participate in a hackathon and also Meet techies online and IRL

Our Team Leaders

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Web Developers
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Web Marketers
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Game Developers
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Graphic designers
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