Outdoor Grills Buying Guide: What are the best Outdoor Grills and Smokers

Type of Grills

  1. Charcoal Grills

A charcoal grill is a versatile option that is very easy to use and add flavor to your grilled food. They’re simple as they can be described as giant steel bowls holding smoldering charcoal. Simplicity makes them affordable and very dependable. Due to their very high heat they are great for searing meat although the heat might not be evenly distributed and of course takes longer to light. This might be deemed as a bad thing until you meet enthusiasts who claim that extra trouble is as small price to pay for the great flavor charcoal grilling is known for.

Remember I said they are versatile? Yeah that is due to the fact that they can double up as smokers too. If you wondering what molecule is a smoker worry no more and just read on. Charcoal grills are definitely kings of backyard grilling for the smoky flavor. See the best charcoal grills in your local store.

  1. Smokers/Pellet Grills

I am not the kind of person to keep anyone waiting. At least I have never had the honors. Smokers specialize in slow, unique and rich flavored cooking. Smokers prepare food by bathing it in waves of smoke thus adding a succulent and smoky flavor. Unlike charcoal grills they cook at low temperatures thus it requires intense patience to achieve the authentic taste.

The surprising fact is you may make pizza using a smoker as long as you are patient enough. A pellet grill could be defined as a form of smokers. They are all-natural fuel source from a byproduct of wood such as sawdust that is a more environmentally-friendly than charcoal. Pellets heat up faster than charcoal, easy to clean up despite costing more than charcoal which is readily available. Like a charcoal grill these items are ideal for your backyard.

  1. Ceramic Grills

These Grills are designed from porcelain glazed ceramic as the name suggests. They are super in moisture and heat retention due to its dome shaped lid and the ceramic material. Furthermore, they dampers on the top and bottom for easy control of the internal temperature. Ceramic grills fuel is charcoal thus can produce very high cooking temperatures perfect for 2-zone system grilling. This is where coals are placed on just one side of the grill thus allowing direct and indirect cooking. However, despite seaming like an advanced charcoal grill, it is quite heavy limiting portability.

  1. Natural gas grills

Aside from charcoal and wood, let us see the natural gas grills. Before we get any further you ought to appreciate that this grill requires installed dedicated gas line. It might sound expensive on paper but over a period of time you realize it has lower fuel costs. In order for cooking to take place it requires the natural gas to be burned so as to heat the briquettes thus the grill’s the cooking surface. These grills are loved for the convenience they offer as they heat quickly and simplicity in using.

With gas grills you probably won’t need to have your own temperature as they come with an inbuilt temperature gauges. Like a charcoal grill, the versatility of gas grills allow for both direct and indirect cooking. This grill is ideal for the patient lot that is not willing to wait for the charcoal grill and smokers. However, using gas grills you risk the authentic and smoky BBQ flavor.

  1. Electric Indoor Grills


Electric grills definitely use an electric heating element. Just like gas grills above, they make insignificant if any alteration to the flavor of the food. The heat is very easy to control, evenly distributed despite not reaching as high temperature levels as charcoal or gas grills. On brighter side, this is the only grill type that can be safely used indoors.


  1. Size

How many people do you intend to grill for and under what conditions? This query should guide you as you shop for the perfect grill. Manufacturer refers to the size of the main cooking grate of a grill when they indicate primary square inches. The higher the primary square inches the more surface for grilling at once. The secondary square inches on the other hand is the measurement of the warming rack. Size becomes a point of contention depending on the groups you plan to satisfy, therefore for a large group a larger grill is the best option

  1. Heat production

When shopping for gas grills, you should settle for the one with enough heat production to fully cook your preferred demands. Don’t simply settle for the highest BTUs unless of course it gives a great ratio with comparison to the size and shape of that particular grill. Mostly the smaller grills have higher cooking temperatures despite relatively fewer BTUs.

  1. Construction Materials

Ceramic, cast aluminum, stainless steel or simply cast iron are majorly the materials used to design grills. If you want great convenience then stainless steel is the way to go as you will not have to worry about rust and corrosion. In the recent past ceramic grills have been gaining popularity. This can be attributed to the fact that these grills give a unique grilling experience and keeps your food tasty.

  1. Cost

A famous rapper said the other day that you can’t afford it if you can’t buy it twice. Well I don’t know about that yet I still appreciate that the cost is the greatest determinant of what grill you purchase. Not just the cost of the grill and its tools but also the operational costs. You do not have to be alarmed as we have put together the best outdoor grills and smokers that will definitely suit you regardless of your budget. As indicated earlier natural gas grills have a high short term cost but in the long term they cost lesser than their counterparts. You should note that the best grills do not necessarily have to be the most expensive or largest models.

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