Grilling Tools and Accessories Buying Guide: How to buy Grilling Tools and Accessories

With the growth in barbecue grilling technology one of the best way to spend a weekend with family and friends is to gather and have a great meal over a hot grill. It really doesn’t take much to be a griller. However, in order to be a great griller with easier and more successful grilling experiences you require the best grilling accessories and tools.

It is mandatory to take care of your grill if you plan to have it around for a long time. That won’t happen if it is left uncovered and dirty hence you need grilling accessories to aid in cleanup and maintenance. Thanks to evolution of barbecuing, there are numerous grilling tools and accessories to make your life a whole lot easier as compared to traditional grilling. This might be super confusing to a first timer. We hope our grilling accessories buying guide to help you to pro status. Let’s get to it then, shall we?

Here is an overview of the essential tools that should be in your possession is for want to commence barbecuing or grilling.

  • Tongs- With a good pair of tongs, you are assured of a good grip. They ought to be easily squeezable and allow a great grip despite the size of the cookware. Despite a gripping edge it should not cut into meats. Bottom line, a tong is only good if it at all fits in your hand, manageable weight and a good reach.
  • Thermometer- Of course a thermometer monitors temperature but this time rather than checking our body temperature we check the cooking temperatures on the grill’s body or also hood. There are several thermometers that serve the purpose, some are multipurpose and can be removed to gauge the interior temperature of the foods.
  • Spatula- A good barbecue spatula should be able to easily slip under foods in order to lift and turn. Actually that’s all the purpose it should serve without tearing them apart.
  • Fork- There is a myth that never use a fork on meat while grilling. As I said it is a barbecue myth but the easiest way to flip meats on a grill is using a fork.
  • Burners- The more burners you have the greater your control over the grilling heat this is because they facilitate heat either directly or indirectly. Technological evolution has gave birth to infrared burners which are perfect for sear food. First, heat is directed from the gas burner to a ceramic tile. Then the heat is converted to infrared energy. Finally, heat is radiated onto the food. Infrared burners achieve extremely high heat and allow for quick searing of meat as they lock in the juices. To understand burners and their impact read best outdoor grills and smokers.

Now that we have looked at the necessary grilling tools it is about time we understood the difference between a tool and accessories. In simple terms a tool is a gadget that is used to perform a certain task while an accessory is responsible for aiding a tool to offer optimum performance. Therefore grilling tools take an active role during the actual grilling or barbecuing while grilling accessories clean and maintain the grilling tools. I welcome more definitions or inputs on the comment section. So we shall first go through the grilling tools then the accessories.


  1. Grates- Cooking grates are designed in enameled porcelain and stainless steel forms. Stainless steel are great as they resists rust and corrosion. Porcelain is a good insulator enabling the grill have a high temperature. Upgrading grill grates will bring life back into your old grill.
  2. Rotisseries- Add-on grill rotisseries allow you to enjoy extraordinary flavors from rotisserie cooking.
  3. Side Burners-Think of a side burner as an additional cooking surface to prepare other items while still grilling concurrently. Side burners allow you to prepare an entire meal without necessarily having to go back to your kitchen.
  4. Warming Racks- Warming racks are attach inside the grill to add space and keep grilled items warm.
  5. BBQ mitts or gloves- A professional grill master understands the importance of using barbecue mitts. They let you handle BBQ skewers, hot pots and rotisserie. Read our review of the best oven mitts and gloves.
  6. BBQ skewers- What. To make a great kebab you need is a broad flat blade skewer. They ought to be stainless steel to avoid rusting.
  7. Barbecue brush mop- The word mop gives all ideas but this is basically a cotton mop to add flavor and moisture.
  8. Electronic Igniter- This is a modern day match using on your grill. It works by a button just being pushed to ignite the grill.
  9. Rotisseries- Rotisseries are responsible for moving the food around the grill. They require a lot less heat as compared to traditional grilling techniques.


  1. Brushes- Grills like any other tool bust be kept clean to maintain it and its performance. For instance left over grime could deteriorate and ruin the taste of grilled food. Grill brushes are used to easily clean thus extending the life of the grill.
  2. Carts and Drawers- Grill carts and drawers serve the purpose of adding extra utility space. They comprise of several storage compartments, shelves and work surfaces.
  3. Cookware sets- These are the specialized utensils used in grilling such as holders, cutting boards, pans and griddles. Also drip pans which are easily removable to ease cleaning. Look at the factors to consider before buying your cooking set.
  4. Covers- Covers protect your grill and keep it safe from corrosion to extend grill’s lifespan. Most covers in the modern grills are stored in a built-in compartment.
  5. Grill wipes- A clean and well-oiled cooking surface enables a successful grilling. Oil-infused grill wipes are used to keep your cooking surfaces very clean.
  6. Barbecue brush- Using scrappers to clean cooking grates can damage porcelain coatings. That’s why you need a simple brass brush to do a good cleaning job.




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