Folding Camp Kitchens Buying Guide: What to Look for in a Camp Kitchen

Having a well-organized and functional camp kitchen is greatly underrated. For instance I once was sharing with my grandpa, who was in the military thank you very much Sir, how camping was before too much technology introduced ‘.com’ camping as he referred to it. Well not to sound discouraging but if you have problems using the modernized folding camp kitchen then during his time you’d shoot yourself in the head at the thought of camping. Everything was custom made by campers in the campsite. It create a camp kitchen mostly extended into the night just when you think you are almost done there comes a heavy downpour and wets all your firewood. I thank God for technology.

Whether traditional, modern or whatever camp kitchen you are willing to experiment on, there are common goals we all hope to achieve; storage, stove with matches or any source of cooking fire, enough fuel, cookware, utensils and cutlery. On the luxury end you might decide to have an oven and pocket knife. As much as I would love to write about traditional campsites, this article will duel on a guide to purchase a modern folding camp kitchen.

  1. Storage

We have reviewed a good number of best folding camp kitchens so far in a number of articles. However, as far as bins go we recommend a durable higher quality bin. Also make sure that it is a bin that properly fits your camp stove. Tin foil is great at storing leftover food. A good camp kitchen has amble room to create culinary art. Furthermore, the chef should enjoy convenience with a large enough sink to do dishes. It should enable organized storage of your kitchen items. By virtue of it being a folding camp kitchen it should be very easy to store and transport. Furthermore, it can be easily set up and taken down.

  1. Camp stove

In modern camping a high quality burner stove to cook your food on is a necessity. There are a variety of stoves out there ranging from those with a single burner to three burners. They also vary with the kind of fuel used, the conditions under which they work best and the number of hungers they can accommodate. Check out the camp stoves product guide to have a better understanding of what sort of camp stove will satisfy your needs.

  • A propane tank – I recommend a refillable propane tank for your camp kitchen. Most propane stove offer a great performance and affordability balance. (Coleman PerfectFlow)
  1. Cookware

I would encourage anyone without camp cookware items which basically include cups, plates and bowls to buy a complete cookware set.  We have discussed the available best camping and backpacking cookware sets. I am sure you will find that article very informative as you plan and make purchases for your camp kitchen. A cookware set is better as it is a total package with everything you’ll need pots, pans, plates, cups and bowls. It comes with its pack for a neat organization. It great especially for those of us that are not familiar with kitchen stuff to help us not forget some items. You may also walk into your store downtown and purchase the necessary items separately.

  • Pots and Pans
  • Utensils; Cups, Plates, Bowls
  1. Other Necessities for a camp kitchen
    • Oven Mitt – Your cooking will be greatly threatened if you forget to bring with you effective oven mitts or at least a pot grabber for your pots and pans. You are wondering what an oven mitt is please read the best oven mitts for outdoor BBQ grill.
    • A Tea Kettle – once you are in back country you will have to fall in love with coffee, tea or anything that requires boiling water. In that case a tea kettle will prove a great company instead of using your pot to boil water. It is very convenient when all your pots are dirty.
    • Trash Bags – You should never allow yourself to leave any traces of your existence in a campsite once you leave. What this simply means is that you should leave the place as you found it if not better. To achieve this a few trash bags or grocery bags will help you maintain cleanliness while camping and good disposal afterwards. Keep garbage in the trash.
    • Water carriers
    • Extra Items for luxury camping

If you are anything like me, you camp for leisure. That said, it should be are relaxing and luxurious as humanly possible. Above we have looked at the items that are necessary for survival but now is time to jump to the fun bit.

  • CookwareThis is no repetition. We have looked at the necessary cookware items for survival at the campsite. However, having all the possible cookware items is a great luxury. If you have money to spare in your budget then you can have more camp kitchen kit and items. Such items include; spatula, cheese grater, can opener, serving spoon, strainer, collapsible large bowl, chef knife with Sheath, dish Soap, Dish Scrubber, Cutting Board and corkscrew.
  • Spice Kit – If you have to cook an amazing meal then spices will come along way. There are several options for storing the spices other than a spice kit for instance small plastic bottles. Having a tasty meal is a luxury believe me. They include; salt and pepper, curry powder, red pepper and Italian spices.
  • Lantern – As much as lantern to light up the kitchen is not necessary it is a huge bonus which makes me find it luxurious.
  • Medical kit – Stay safe although most of us could think having a medical kit as a precaution is pretty luxurious.t squash soup warm).
  • Oven and BBQ Grill.  – No matter how you look at it. Cooking your own pizza or having a barbecue will camping is mad fun. This is a luxury that I personally categorize as a necessity. Camping is where you make awesome desserts!
  • Pocket Knife – While on outdoor activities, more often than not you will find a pocket knife extremely useful.

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