Best Grilling Tools and Accessories

When that time of year comes for great family visits a BBQ grill becomes part of the great food prepared for our loved ones. The taste of BBQ regardless of where you get it at has a tendency to make people run out to get grills for both the spring and summer season. Before you run to the store just yet, check out the best grills and smokers. You’ll agree with me that a great barbecue is not only a great meal but also a great way to spend time with friends and family. I believe in the narrative that if you must do anything you have to do it right. That said, to have a BBQ you ought to invest in the proper grill tools.

The demand for BBQ grilling tools has led to increase of the commodity in the market. I bet you will bump into grilling utensils, tools and accessories in your local stores. Another very common place to purchase BBQ accessories is definitely online. Under such circumstances most people tend to make a regrettable mistake.

Must Have Grill Tools

Before we start a lot of sideshows on barbecuing and grilling we should check what the essential are in this area. The question when hope to answer in this section is what grill tools do you need and what accessories are essential? Of course there is a different between grilling tools and grilling accessories. To fully understand the difference read our grilling tools and accessories buying guide article. There are five basic utensils that you must have included in your grilling arsenal. For those of us conversant with this grilling business, you probably already have them. For the newbies in the grilling business here is a quick overview to commence your grill master’s journey.

  1. Tongs- Tongs perform a number of functions that include flipping steaks or turning vegetables. Often, tongs are purchased as part of a set comprising of a large two-tined fork and a spatula.

Best Grilling Tongs

  • OXO Good Grips grilling tongs and turner Set – The dishwasher-safe stainless steel with nonslip rubber handles are spring loaded with their ends scalloped for safe gripping. They also include a loop for hanging while employing a mechanism for storing such that they are locked in closed position.
  • LamsonSharp Fish Tongs – its a jumbo hybrid of tongs and spatulas ideal tool for flipping fish, burgers among other crumbly foods. Designed with a rosewood handle to protect against the heat. Also present is a leather loop to enable hanging.
  • Mr Grill Luxury Oak Barbecue tongs
  1. Grilling Spatula- A spatula is meant to help you turn hamburgers over. This means grilling spatula is generally used in relocating food on your grill. As with tongs above, spatulas often come in sets of basic grilling tools.

Best Grilling Spatulas

  • Weber Style 6446 Fish Turner – Spatulas come in slotted and solid. You best bet is the solid with a firm and well-insulated handle. The solid is preferred for pressing things down hard on a griddle or in a frying pan.
  • Zenware utensils set with spatula and scrapers
  • Overstockedkitchen New Grill set with spatulas
  • Blackstone 5 piece Grill Griddle and BBQ tool kit
  1. Fork- A long handled and two-tuned fork is a common tool for grilling. Its major role is to move food around while also helping in cutting and checking of your food. This item together with spatula and tongs make the triad of the basic grilling tools. Ideally, a set of the three tools costs as much as you are willing to pay for them from as low as ten dollar.

Best Barbecue Fork

  • New star Foodservice 13-inch Barbecue fork
  • Grille Perfect Barbecue turner fork
  1. Thermometer- Definitely not for a fever resulting from stress of grilling. A cold beer will most certainly do the trick. The thermometer is meant to be inserted into meat to ensure cooking is being done at an appropriate internal temperature for the specific type of protein to attest it has been cooked thoroughly. Thermometers can be found online, at a grocery store or department store near your residence.

Best Grilling Meat Thermometers

  • ThermoPro TP20 Digital Thermometer
  • ThermoPro TP16 LCD Digital Thermometer
  • Instant Read BBQ Meat Thermometer for Grill
  1. Baster- Properly seasoned of your food can prove a challenge without a baster. These tools resemble a small paintbrush with fine bristles. You will soon discover that brushing sauces and any liquid seasoning is a breeze while using a baster. Best Basters for Grilling.
  • Mr Grill Basting Brush
  • Grill BBQ silicon Basting Brush
  • Silicon BBQ/Cooking gloves


Luxury BBQ Tools

Regardless of your financial muscle you will be interested in affordable luxury BBQ tools. This is definitely a high-end barbecue tool set which ideally command digging a little deeper into your pockets. However, you may want the same quality of product without paying the “high-end” prices. For that reason and nothing else we have the below products:

  • Mr Bar-B-Q 02066x Prestige tool set.
  • Cuisinart CGS-5020 grill set.

Other Grilling Tools

The grill accessories are a necessity to consider while purchasing a grill for your BBQ. There are a number of people that overlook this fact and more often than not they end up regretting and so forth. Of course I would hate you for to be in that statistics hence compiled more accessories and tools you might need for your BBQ.

Accessories and tools you might need for your BBQ:

  • a wire brush,
  • Cuisinart Grilluminate Grill – The Grilluminate LED light that turns dark into say can be easily attached to most hood handles on gas grills. It comprises of six bright LEDs that extend downward to clear the bottom of the grill hood thus delivering more light than expected. Made of metal the body is definitely weather and heat resistant. Its adaptable clamp can be adjusted to accommodate various shaped handles.
  • Rapala filet knife – I personally love the Rapala Soft Grip. If not for its cheap price then it must be the thin and flexible blade that is dangerously sharp. I discovered it was deal for r slicing tomatoes, boning, removing silver skin on meat or even cutting ribs on hot peppers. A friend of mine also says it’s the best for filleting and I agree. The knife is easy to clean with a dishwasher and you can feel free to sharpen it.
  • Grill grate scrapers – GrillGrates amplify heat while preventing flareups. You can attest to the fact that it makes turning foods easier, kills hot spots and produce great grill marks. They are easy to clean and can be easily removed from one grill to another.
  • Adjustable pepper mill – The Kyocera adjustable grinder is easy to adjust into various sizes of the grind. Any expert will tell you as I do, the size of the grind is very important as it influences the flavor. Just like its common knowledge freshly ground pepper out doers` the pre-ground.
  • grill spatula,
  • Garlic press- A good garlic press should release more oils and flavors than the amount gotten from mincing with a knife. Get a sturdily built garlic press with an easy grip and is easy to clean. Avoid non-stick models of garlic press. I recommend the Trudeau Garlic Press.

Top Ten Barbecue Accessories & Grill Tool Sets

  1. VonHaus Stainless Steel BBQ Accessories Tool – Includes a storage case harboring Barbecue Grill Utensils.
  2. BBQ Grill Tools Set with 16 Barbecue Accessories – It comprise of stainless steel utensils harbored in an Aluminium Casing
  3. Simplistex stainless-steel BBQ Grilling Tool Set – It has 4-piece starter  barbecue kit with a carry bag.
  4. Best Choice Products stainless steel BBQ Grill Tool Set – Comes with an Aluminum storage case
  5. Flamen stainless steel BBQ Barbecue Grill Tool Set
  6. Culina BBQ Tool Set.
  7. Grill Tool Set BBQ tool set with 24 pieces of stainless steel grill utensils with an aluminum case for storage.
  8. Budweiser grilling tools & Barbecue grill set with a storage case. The set also includes built-in bottle openers
  9. Chef Basics 7 Piece BBQ tool set & aluminum storage case made by KOVOT
  10. Estilo stainless steel 18-pieced grill tool set.




There are many retail stores and websites that sell kits containing all the BBQ accessories for grilling. Some grills in your stores also come with sets of grilling accessories. If you are searching for grilling accessories ensure that you find the best price. For those of us with access to the online stores or simply local retail store your first concern should be to get best prices to ensure you get the best deal.

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