BBQ Grill Oven Mitts Buying Guide: How to Shop for Outdoor BBQ Grill Oven Mitts


My grandma had this famous saying, if you can’t stand the heat, kitchen isn’t your place. That would be true of course unless you get yourself a set of perfect oven mitts. An oven mitt can be described as an insulated glove or mitten worn over your hand to protect the skin during cooking from heating elements, hot foods, stoves, or other burns.

My obvious assumption is that we all know what an oven or grill is and probably owns one. If you do not own any at the moment or are planning to upgrade you are in luck as our grills and smokers buying guide will help you a great deal. Back to the oven mitts, whether using the grill or an oven, a handy oven mitt is an excellent defense against spilled food and certainly burnt hands. Oven mitts vary greatly hence wisdom and research should help you picking one ideal for your cooking conditions.

Considerations to make before purchase.


As you consider the prospective oven mitt where you intend to use the oven mitt matters. If you need to reach the back of your oven? You require a mitt made of silicone and a longer cuff to keep the forearms protected. If you simply need heat resistance due to frequent cooking then a mitt with a higher fire resistance is definitely a mitt for you.

Grip and Flexibility

Certainty of hot items not slide out of your grip is a serious consideration to make before making a purchase. How much you plan to move your hands and points of articulation suitable with your grip must be looked at to effectively tackle oven mitt selection.

Protective Lining

Protecting the hands is the reason we bother to get the protective mitts. A protective lining that serves its purpose and at the same time feels nice on your fingers is good enough. Such mitts mostly mesh cotton and silicone materials.


Your cooking area and accessories must be kept clean. A mitt that you can manage to clean is an excellent choice.

Size and Versatility

You might not be the only one needing the services of the oven mitt at your place. Therefore versatility and reversibility aspect of the mitt is key. Some people are left-handed others right-handed so the design must be accommodating.


There is nothing worse than a damaged defense right? A proper mitt should stand the tests of time. Oven mitts come in a range of a simple cotton-based material to a more complex materials such as fireproof Nomex and bullet resistant Kevlar. I just mentioned defense and now bullets? It make it sounds like a military operation.

Despite the size of your hands we’ve reviewed mitten type of gloves to your suitability. Don’t say who recommended this but at times I use my oven mitts for other tricky tasks especially wood-burning stoves. Now that we are at it will definitely interest you to read the best outdoor and camp stoves. Protect your cooking by protecting yourself from burns.



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