7 Best Outdoor Grills and Smokers

Like everything else that floods our markets, there are a number of factors to consider before buying a grill or smoker. The very fast consideration would be the purpose of that particular grill which will determine the type of grill you pick. Other factors are definitely your budget, size of your hungers and the accommodation  space you are willing to offer. All this factors that help you understand What are the best Outdoor Grills and smokers  out there are discussed in depth in our outdoor grills buying guide.

  1. Weber Genesis II LX S-340

Weber is not a new name in the grilling industry but this time most guys feel that they outdid themselves on Weber Genesis II LX S-340. This stainless steel or black grill can either be a natural gas grill or liquid propane.  This grill despite being decked out with features in addition to compatibility with Weber’s iGrill3 Bluetooth management module and a lit handle.


The Genesis II LX GS4 uses a high performance grilling system sets it apart from its counterparts. This grill design is majorly intended to ease its usage thus giving unmatched satisfaction to your grilling experience. The GS4 grilling system which as I mentioned earlier gives it an upper hand is majorly  composed of four components which are  grease management system, high performance burners, infinity ignition and flavorizer bars. Grilling is a type of cooking that employs extreme temperatures more so natural gas grills. Using the best mitts or gloves is a precaution that must be undertaken by anyone.

These gas grills’ burners are easily ignite and the flavorizer bars gives out smoke infused food. The grilling process is done evenly regardless of the place on the cooking grate. The cleaning process of this gas grill is very simple.

  1. Smoke Hollow Pro Series BBQ Grill

‘Charcoal grilling is just a lot of work.’ This statement has been used severally by anyone finding an excuse to using other grills. I would imagine there was some sincerity until you get to use Smoke Hollow BBQ grill. The grill is designed with a cast-iron cooking grid system which is relatively light to lift and using it is a breeze. The easy-lift cast-iron handle makes the initial charcoal loading of the grill simple into the adjustable charcoal basket.

The system also makes it simple for you to load more charcoal as you use the front fold-down door without necessarily lifting of the grill. Furthermore, the cooking grid system offers enormous convenience due to simplified heat indicators, smoker configurations, adjustable draft controls and height adjustments.

The size of the grill is critical not only to food preparation but also to making sauces and using other BBQ tools.  The Smoke Hollow Pro Series BBQ Grill measures 600 primary square inches thus providing a wide configuration to allow you to grill like a pro. More so it is a designed with sturdy slat side tables. It also includes a slide ash drawer which makes the cleaning process fast and easy. This grill being a charcoal grill definitely gives an authentic, charcoal BBQ-flavored outdoor cooking.


  1. Kamado Joe Classic II Grills

Kamado ovens and grills make it easy for anyone to fall in love with them. This blaze red grill employs a flexible cooking system multilevel. The grill is a half-rack design which doubles up the cooking space allowing more space for on different levels thus different cooking surfaces. The consistent flow of air is managed by the all-aluminum control tower vent while the double-thick fiberglass gasket with about 10 times the normal industry gaskets lifespan gives superior air-tight seal to the grill.

The Kamado Joe Classic II has an advanced six-piece multi-panel firebox design that eliminates breakage is a welcomed upgrade to this Kamado oven and grill. The lid, which has mostly been the biggest headache to most Kamado grill users, has been made 95% lighter thus you can be rest assured that the lid won’t slam shut while cooking.

This grill model features a thick-walled, heat-resistant shell ideal for locking in moisture and also smoke regardless of the temperature. The model also provides an enough space for up to 12 chicken breasts or fillets.  Talking of chicken breasts and fillets, if you want to grill like a pro you have no alternative but to invest in best grilling tools and accessories. Other notable features are its divide and conquer cooking system, precision ventilation dial, a rolling cast iron cart and ash drawer that easy access and cleaning.

  1. Smoke Hollow Tronix Digital Smoker

The Smoke Tronix Digital Smoker 40-inch cabinet provides about 1035 square inches of amble cooking space. It is an electric smoker with a large digital display, integrated meat probe and for better visibility LED lights. The grill offers 3 smoking options; hot smoke, cold smoke and fast smoke in addition to the dual element responsible for an even and faster cooking. The grill model also includes the easily filled water Port at the side of smoker together with a large wood chip drawer. The ease of mobility is reinforced by wheels. More convenient merits include; integrated Bluetooth, easy accessible water tray and dual heating element.


The electric bit of this smoker allows you to use a mobile app to operate this smoker from a smart device. Unlike other smokers, Smoke Tronix offers a “cold smoking” setting allowing you to smoke your food without overcooking. The Smoke Tronix “fast smoke” setting allows fast smoking as the name suggests. The app that can operate the smoker is available on iOS or Google play.


  1. Weber Spirit E-310 Review

The three-burner Weber Spirit E-310 delivers excellent results. It has a total cooking area of 529 square inches measuring 424 primary square inches. Despite not including a side burner, it has two side tables and grills evenly. A cinch to use and to clean. This model uses a propane gas tank thus the tank is refilled when empty. Like any other gas grills, when the Weber Genesis E-310 is used as per the instruction manual it is safe and built with solid construction for durability.


  • Durable, solid build
  • Grills evenly
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Heats quickly
  • Long warranty


  • Relatively lesser features
  1. Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg grills, smokes and even cooks to perfection. Its design offers superior heat control. It comes in several sizes with the large version having 262 primary square inches.  The smoker is simple to use after having a hang of it. The removable louvered top is easy to clean and can be used all year-round without fear of it cracking during cold weather. Buy the Big Green Egg and it will surely last forever. It goes without saying that it is relatively expensive but a worthy investment.


  • Versatile
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Extremely durable; solidly built
  • Comes in seven sizes


  • Relatively expensive
  1. Weber Smokey Joe 14″ Charcoal Grill

The Weber Smokey Joe 14″ Charcoal Grill performance is similar to a full-size Weber grill. It is a great grill that’s highly portable small charcoal grill ideal for two people. It measures 147 primary square inch big enough for four burgers. Imparts great grilled flavor.  Furthermore, it is simple to operate and clean although at times the vents clog with ashes. It is designed with “rock-solid” construction that’s durable yet inexpensive thus a great money value.


  • Versatile
  • Imparts good, grilled flavor
  • Solid, durable construction
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Vents clog with ashes


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