6 Best Folding Camp Kitchens

Setting up a camp kitchen isn’t as tough as you might have been made to believe it to be. Camping like other outdoors are greatly recommended for team building and generally fun times. It’s a good break from your noisy neighbor and monotonous daily routine. Camping doesn’t come well equipped with a kitchen or other tools available at home. I think that’s the point of outdoors because if you carry your home with you into the forest, well where is the adventure in that? The beauty of it is that you have to prepare your own food while in the venture out in the wild. That necessity gave birth to folding camp kitchens, cabinets and picnic table cupboards. Let us discuss a few such folding camp kitchens in the market.

  1. Cabela’s Deluxe Camper Kitchen

Cabela’s Deluxe camper kitchen is made of heavy-duty steel and and 600-denier sides. Evidently on sight the camper kitchen appears to be heavy and large. Surprisingly, in reality this camper is compact and lightweight. The melamine table tops are ultra-durable and allows for quick folding and easy storage and transportation. Its biggest merit is that it can be easily set up and taken down. It includes large PVC sink thus offers enough space for doing dishes and cooking. The chef has amble room to create culinary art while the removable hanging pantries with customizable shelves offer great convenience. To add on the chef convenience is the dual lantern hooks on the spice rack.

  1. Cabela’s Standard Camp Kitchen

The Cabela’s Standard Camp Kitchen offers great price value as it fits a ton of kitchen stuff. It comprises of three surface areas; side shelves for food storage, a PVC draining sink, and an easy carrying case. This camp kitchen most outstanding feature is extremely portability and the amble working space for the chef thanks to the available three surface areas. The kitchen is designed in such a manner that the middle table is removable while the side pantries and shelves increase storage space. The center basket is tough as its heavy-duty PE mesh. A great similarity to deluxe one except in this case it is smaller but with the same conveniences. There is enough space for storage of not only food and spices but also the cookware sets and tools.

  1. Grub Hub Camp Kitchen

The Grub Hub is designed with outdoorsy people in mind who are always on the move for instance fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing among others. Such people are unwilling to make sacrifices for the sake of a camp kitchen thus desire anything lightweight and super compact. It’s built for extraordinary organization with a table space, a paper towel holder, a stove platform, a kitchen sink and a lantern tower. Your guess is as good as any ones, it is easy to collapse and very portable.

  1. Coleman Portable Camp Kitchen

Coleman is a company is well conversant with anything pertaining outdoor life so it’s not a wonder that their designed camp kitchen would make it to my list of camping convenience. Gosh! I love convenience.  I can assure you that this camp kitchen would certainly make your camping life a whole lot easier. This camp kitchen perfectly fits in a carrying case which makes its portability simple.

The kitchen comprises of an adjustable stand for placing a camping stove or a cooler. It is also designed with hooks to place camping lanterns or kitchen utensils on. Like most reputable camp kitchen it also has a mesh shelf created for the utensils, pans and pots safe storage.



  1. GSI Outdoors Gourmet Camp Kitchen

A friend of mine once said that the sole reason why any camper needs a proper kitchen is having a comfortable place to wash dishes. I would argue that food storage is the most essential but who am I to rubbish opinions. Well if there is a camp kitchen that believes in sinks is GSI outdoor Gourmet camp kitchen. You read that right, SINKS.

This camp kitchen comprises of a double sink. It also has a foot pressurized faucet. The water faucet happens to be the major thing lacking in most camp kitchens out there. Definitely this is what sets this kitchen apart among its counterparts as it a faucet.

It offers a different experience as far as food preparation and organization is concerned. Look how much convenience it offers as you really don’t have to worry about disposing waste water as you have running water. It is very easy to overlook the majority of us who suffer from a disadvantaged vertically but not with this kitchen camp. The adjustable legs allows you to work at your comfortable height despite your height.

  1. Coleman Packaway Deluxe Camp Kitchen

You remember I had so much good stuff to say about Coleman Company. You probably had your doubts but here we find ourselves also reviewing their Packaway Deluxe Camp Kitchen. It is one of the quality camp kitchens that I have had the privilege of using not just as a reviewer. It was impressive as it comprises of a full size kitchen structure allowing you to comfortably enjoy cooking as if you are at your own house.

Of course it is better than the house because you also have pleasure of enjoying the outdoor breeze. To ease organization it comes with separate areas for your camping stove, for cooking food, for grilling and storing your cookware. It is also designed with a removable washing tub for cleaning your hands, washing the fruits and vegetables. It offers ample storage space for all your belongings.


Hey! If you are staying an entire weekend in the wild it is common sense that you have to seek a little help with camp organization, cleanup and food storage. In such a case making an investment in one of these best camp kitchens is a purchase that will prove to be a saving. No kidding, literally a life saver.  While on the road you need an all-in-one kitchen equipment that keeps all your belongings secured in a series of shelves, cabinets, cubbies and racks. May the adventure never stop!

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