12 Best Outdoor and Camp Stoves

Campground chefs will agree that picking the right camp stoves is no easy task. You ought to research on various stoves to establish which is suitable for your activities. Our chefs have tried out stove models ranging from car camping to road trips to backpacking. All the models were put to test in cook-offs and boiling tests. Whether you have to handle large groups, need to resist gusts of wind or having a low budget we aim to guide you to get the best possible deal. Please read through product buying guide for camp stoves to have a better understanding of what to look for in stoves.

Best budget camp

  1. Coleman Butane Instastart

Backpacking with Coleman Butane Instastart stoves assures you of a hot meal. Its compact size and its own convenient storage case makes it perfect a backpacking. The butane cylinder is lightweight can be cheaply replaced. While cooking the flame adjustments result to perfect cooking. The surface is enough for a 10 inch frying pan thus a meal for two.


  • Compact design that is lightweight thus easy to pack.
  • High quality performance.
  • Relatively cheap
  • Adjustable cooking flame



  • BTU heating is not very efficient.


  1. Gas One GS-3000

It knocks the Coleman Butane Instastart with speedier boiling times, less weight, and easier maintenance. It features a single burner. However it’s so cheap that you could afford three of these stoves with the amount required to get a cheaper dual-burner we tested. The model is ideal any single-pot meal don’t allow the price tag fool you. Regrettably, it lacks protection from the wind. It is also not recommended for a large groups.


  • Lightweight
  • Relatively cheap
  • Easier to maintain



  • Lacks protection from the wind

Best car camping stoves

  1. Jetboil Genesis Camp Stove

The Jetboil Genesis camp stove goes against the general rules of car camping stoves. For instance you should forget bulky its foldable design. The design is simple, easy to set up and dual burners have easy-to-use controls responsible for intuitive simmering and fast ignition adjustments. In addition, you may choose to add a third burner compatible Jetboil pot attachments. Clearly the Jetboil beats competitors in almost all category but the steep price tag. It’s ideal to cook for 2-8 persons.



It’s easy to set up, and

Dual burners have easy-to-use controls.

Comes with a quality pot and pan.

Attachment to add a smaller burner


Has a steep price tag.

  1. Coleman Roadtrip LXE

The Coleman Roadtrip LXE has dual burners that easily accommodate larger camp groups. Its collapsible and portable design make it a great choice for the  folding camp kitchens. It offers great space for cooking and heating. It’s roughly 285 square inches cooking surface is best for tail gaiting especially with a lot of hungry stomachs to satisfy.


  • Ideal for a large group.
  • Independently adjustable dual burners with matchless lighting.
  • Versatile collapsible and compact design.


  • Not a lightest of stoves, even for car camping.
  • Difficult to clean.


Best Canister fuel stoves

  1. GSI Outdoors Pinnacle 4-Season Canister Stove

This stove is low-profile and allows for the heating element. The canister can be adjusted for all weather and temperatures conditions. The canister can be flipped upside down to ease the fuel flow. Testers agree that this could be one of the best ultralight weight backpacking stoves ideal for windy or colder climates.



  • The foldable arms and hose provides stability.
  • Employ the use of a windscreen increases cold-weather efficiency.
  • Compact for storage.
  • Notably smaller to similar brands models.


  • Weights more than twice of the top-canister Pinnacle stove.
  • Notably lesser durable.

Best Backpacking Canister Camp Stove

  1. GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Canister Stove

This stove is on this list by virtue of its impressive weight and price. When backpacking any essential that weighs less is always welcomed. Our testers were particularly marveled by the in-field performance of this compact stove. The foldable arms and overall size could not be overlooked by any reviewer. If you are going for a long trek or expedition then this is your best bet.


  • Compact and light stove.
  • The foldable arms do it ingeniously.
  • Relatively cheaper.
  • Reasonably durable.


  • Some foldable joints might not resist a heavy blow.


  1. MSR WindBurner stove system

MSR WindBurner still remains impressive in a field dominated by Jetboil for its integrated canister stove system. The integrated stove system is great with preparing solo meals. The pot nestling design allows the heating element to boil water in any surrounding and easy transportation as its compact. However, it is not great to use if temps drop below freezing point as flames are killed. The stove performs better with 3-season backpacking and multi-sport scenarios.


  • Boils water in any the surround gusts.
  • It’s compact for easy transportation as it takes less space.
  • Its pot speedily heats up.
  • The pot is coozy protecting you from burning your hands.


  • Not very effective in cold weather.
  • An integrated systems makes you unable to leave out parts thus weighing more.




  1. GoHiking Lightweight Burner Classic Camping and Backpacking Canisters

This ultra-lightweight canister stove weighs 3.9oz thus ideal for hiking and can be included in your camping gear. Unlike other brand names it offers best function to cost ratio. It’s perfect for simmering water, heating and cooking food efficiently. That’s due to a fully adjustable flame that suit specific heating needs. Aside from outdoors you may use this as emergency stove in the house. It is a durable stove.


  • Large burner for heating frying pans
  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Can be dismantled to ease storage
  • Offers best function to cost ratio


Best Bio burner stoves

  1. BioLite CampStove 2

Burning bio fuel simply means you won’t have to pack your own fuel which is welcomed adjustment to backpacking. The Biolite CampStove 2 stands taller than the competition for enabling fire transfer to electricity. This is made possible by the complete with LED battery pack dashboard together with the USB plug for charging while cooking. This stove is great for backpacking gear with several participants. Due to its weight the stove seems more of a car camping stove than a backpacking stove regardless of the fancy innovation.


  • No need to carry own fuel
  • Ideal for several persons
  • The USB charging option convenient.


  • The design is relatively heavy.
  • Burned ash accumulates to affect its performance.


Best multi-fuel (International burns) stoves


  The MSR XGK brand has been in our camp kitchens for decades. The new EX model offers improvements on the brand’s classic features. The multi-fuel stove burns white gas, diesel, kerosene, and gasoline to cook. This backpacking stove is clearly burly and versatility. The multi-fuel camp stove is as durable as you can imagine. 


  • The stove burns several fuels
  • The retractable arm gives stability to the stove despite the various volumes and pots.
  • Impressive boiling times.
  • Has heat reflector and windscreen to enable cooking in most surrounding.
  • Relatively easy to make adjustments and maintain it.
  • Versatile and durable


  • Not cost effective.
  • The XGK EX is bulkier than most backpacking stoves we tested.



Best Propane fuel stoves

  1. Coleman PerfectFlow InstaStart

Coleman PerfectFlowInstaStart Grill stove incorporates two 10.000 BTU burners thus one of the best outdoor grills. The stove also employs advanced PerectFlow pressure system that offers precise culinary projects. In addition to the system, it includes 1 nickel chrome grate and a removable aluminum grill grate. It’s perfect for people that love delicious dishes. The propane pressure can be adjusted in maintaining swift cooking performance. Based on its compact and portable design its ideal for backpacking. Its design includes wind-block side panels while cooking which also double as side trays when down folding.




Offers consistent cooking performance in the great outdoors.

Wind-block side panels make them convenient

InstaStart technology that requires no matches.

Efficient grease management system


Relatively narrow range of flame control


Stansport 3-Burner Propane Stove

Best Liquid fuel backpacking stoves

  1. Coleman 2 Burner Dual Fuel Compact Liquid Fuel Stove

While on outdoors Coleman liquid fuel stove featuring a 2-burner stove makes a great and reliable companion. It features both 6,500 and 7,500 BTU burners perfect for cooking and heating in minutes. The stove operates on either unleaded gas or the Coleman fuel. Despite the outstanding functionality, it is lightweight measuring only 17.75” x 11.5” by 4.875” with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Durable stoves designed for year
  • Can use large pots
  • Efficient heating capability
  • Design allows easy storage
  • Lightweight


  • A limited lifetime warranty.

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