7 Best Oven Mitts for Outdoor BBQ Grill

My grandma had this famous saying, if you can’t stand the heat, kitchen isn’t your place. That would be true of course unless you get yourself a set of perfect oven mitts. An oven mitt can be described as an insulated glove or mitten worn over your hand to protect the skin during cooking from heating elements, hot foods, stoves, or other burns.

Whether using the grill or an oven, a handy oven mitt is an excellent defense against spilled food and certainly burnt hands. Oven mitts vary greatly hence wisdom and research should help you picking one ideal for your cooking conditions. Please check out the buying guide for oven mitts as here we look at some of the best oven mitts for outdoor BBQ grill.


  1. Triumphant Chef Super Flex Silicone Oven Mitt

Triumphant Chef Mitts comprise of a sturdy, rubber-like silicone. Silicone is a polymer which makes it a superb fire resistant material and at the same time very flexible just like a pair of gloves. The exterior sides of Triumphant Chef mitts are identical and the rubber material used allows for a comfortable grip of hot items using both hands. The mitts are designed for a comfortable wear and protection for up to 450 degrees of temperature for a considerably longer period than your average the oven mitts. The Super Flex oven mitt is sold in a set of two.

  1. RedLantana Commercial Grade

The RedLantana Commercial Grade mitts not only protects your hands but also wrists and even the arms. This is possible as it has an extra-long quilted lining which extends up your hand thus allowing you to reach the pots shoved way inside the back of the oven and grab them.  These mitts also double up as flat hot pads at surprisingly an affordably price for a pair. They can resist heat up to 425 degrees.

  1. Kitchen Elements Ultra Flex Silicone Cooking Mitt

Kitchen Elements Ultra Flex Cooking Mitt features a silicone styled exterior. Most of this mitt’s features don’t sacrifice flexibility for any other features thus is slightly thicker most in the market. Its physical design resembles your traditional cloth oven mitt on sight but don’t let that fool you. The inside of this mitt is entirely cotton thus it feels very comfortable on your palm and fingers and very easy to clean.

They have a decent heat resistance up to 425 degrees of temperature. For those of us who like our environment super colorful might be disappointed as it offers a limited color range. Only red and blue options are available.

  1. Grill Armor EN407-Certified

If you are a pizza guy the Grill Armor EN407-Certified gloves is definitely your guy. Ranging from pizza stones to Dutch ovens they have got you covered. These mitts will keep you protected and safe up to 932 degrees temperature. This are superb with smokers and grills. Check out the best outdoor grills and smokers. Funny how they have an enormous protective power while are a humble lightweight. Not being bulky or something offers you ease and flexibility as you go about your business. More surprise is that they refuse to easily burn on exposure to flames. Sizes vary with your specific hands.

  1. Homwe Professional Silicone Oven Mitt

Homwe Professional Silicone Oven Mitt, unlike most mitts whose exterior are entirely comprised of silicone, incorporates cotton in the forearm area. No course for alarm as the cotton used is heat resistant thanks to quilting. On brighter side the cotton provides your forearms a soft and protective layer with more protection of your upper arm more than most mitts. Obviously, the silicone section is waterproof thus to clean it is wiped clean using a wet cloth. The mitts are sold in pairs and only come in fire engine red. They have heat resistance of up to 450 degrees.

  1. Jolly Green Products Ekogrips

The Jolly Green Products Ekogrips are so effective that you would comfortably flip cooking foods on the grill by hand. This effectiveness could be attributed to high-quality silicone material used to make the mitt. They come in one-size-fits-most to accommodate you. They are also very handy in changing light bulbs. Aside from being great heat resistance they are also water resistant. On the downside they can be very slippery for your liking.

  1. Lodge HHMT Max Temp Handle Mitt

This is your mitt when on budget. Of course that has nothing to do with it coming at the bottom of the list but I know you’ll still speculate. The outer fabric is not silicone but a durable, heat resistant pyrotex and will most certainly protect you from scorches and burns. The mitt’s employs heavy cotton batting, the thick terry lining and the steam barrier to provide extra layer of protection and in turn comfort during use. No matter how you perceive at it, this mitt like the rest will offer you protection up to 450 degrees of heat. Wow this is an excellent choice. This great cooking accessory comes in black and very easy to clean as it is machine washable.



Cooking is a joy to anyone who loves to eat although I stand to be corrected. In case am right then I would say with the joy comes great responsibility. Ovens get hot which a recipe for getting burned or singed while dealing with pots and pans. Pots and pans heat transmission is largely dependent on the particular material. Therefore you can’t afford to dismiss a good pair of oven mitts for protection also understand the factors to consider before purchasing your cookware set. As from our reviews above you can tell you have unlimited options out there. Majority of oven gloves get sold individually in order to allow customized fits but depending on brands some come in pairs. Stay safe to cook tomorrow.

BBQ Grill Oven Mitts Buying Guide: How to Shop for Outdoor BBQ Grill Oven Mitts


My grandma had this famous saying, if you can’t stand the heat, kitchen isn’t your place. That would be true of course unless you get yourself a set of perfect oven mitts. An oven mitt can be described as an insulated glove or mitten worn over your hand to protect the skin during cooking from heating elements, hot foods, stoves, or other burns.

My obvious assumption is that we all know what an oven or grill is and probably owns one. If you do not own any at the moment or are planning to upgrade you are in luck as our grills and smokers buying guide will help you a great deal. Back to the oven mitts, whether using the grill or an oven, a handy oven mitt is an excellent defense against spilled food and certainly burnt hands. Oven mitts vary greatly hence wisdom and research should help you picking one ideal for your cooking conditions.

Considerations to make before purchase.


As you consider the prospective oven mitt where you intend to use the oven mitt matters. If you need to reach the back of your oven? You require a mitt made of silicone and a longer cuff to keep the forearms protected. If you simply need heat resistance due to frequent cooking then a mitt with a higher fire resistance is definitely a mitt for you.

Grip and Flexibility

Certainty of hot items not slide out of your grip is a serious consideration to make before making a purchase. How much you plan to move your hands and points of articulation suitable with your grip must be looked at to effectively tackle oven mitt selection.

Protective Lining

Protecting the hands is the reason we bother to get the protective mitts. A protective lining that serves its purpose and at the same time feels nice on your fingers is good enough. Such mitts mostly mesh cotton and silicone materials.


Your cooking area and accessories must be kept clean. A mitt that you can manage to clean is an excellent choice.

Size and Versatility

You might not be the only one needing the services of the oven mitt at your place. Therefore versatility and reversibility aspect of the mitt is key. Some people are left-handed others right-handed so the design must be accommodating.


There is nothing worse than a damaged defense right? A proper mitt should stand the tests of time. Oven mitts come in a range of a simple cotton-based material to a more complex materials such as fireproof Nomex and bullet resistant Kevlar. I just mentioned defense and now bullets? It make it sounds like a military operation.

Despite the size of your hands we’ve reviewed mitten type of gloves to your suitability. Don’t say who recommended this but at times I use my oven mitts for other tricky tasks especially wood-burning stoves. Now that we are at it will definitely interest you to read the best outdoor and camp stoves. Protect your cooking by protecting yourself from burns.



7 Best Outdoor Grills and Smokers

Like everything else that floods our markets, there are a number of factors to consider before buying a grill or smoker. The very fast consideration would be the purpose of that particular grill which will determine the type of grill you pick. Other factors are definitely your budget, size of your hungers and the accommodation  space you are willing to offer. All this factors that help you understand What are the best Outdoor Grills and smokers  out there are discussed in depth in our outdoor grills buying guide.

  1. Weber Genesis II LX S-340

Weber is not a new name in the grilling industry but this time most guys feel that they outdid themselves on Weber Genesis II LX S-340. This stainless steel or black grill can either be a natural gas grill or liquid propane.  This grill despite being decked out with features in addition to compatibility with Weber’s iGrill3 Bluetooth management module and a lit handle.


The Genesis II LX GS4 uses a high performance grilling system sets it apart from its counterparts. This grill design is majorly intended to ease its usage thus giving unmatched satisfaction to your grilling experience. The GS4 grilling system which as I mentioned earlier gives it an upper hand is majorly  composed of four components which are  grease management system, high performance burners, infinity ignition and flavorizer bars. Grilling is a type of cooking that employs extreme temperatures more so natural gas grills. Using the best mitts or gloves is a precaution that must be undertaken by anyone.

These gas grills’ burners are easily ignite and the flavorizer bars gives out smoke infused food. The grilling process is done evenly regardless of the place on the cooking grate. The cleaning process of this gas grill is very simple.

  1. Smoke Hollow Pro Series BBQ Grill

‘Charcoal grilling is just a lot of work.’ This statement has been used severally by anyone finding an excuse to using other grills. I would imagine there was some sincerity until you get to use Smoke Hollow BBQ grill. The grill is designed with a cast-iron cooking grid system which is relatively light to lift and using it is a breeze. The easy-lift cast-iron handle makes the initial charcoal loading of the grill simple into the adjustable charcoal basket.

The system also makes it simple for you to load more charcoal as you use the front fold-down door without necessarily lifting of the grill. Furthermore, the cooking grid system offers enormous convenience due to simplified heat indicators, smoker configurations, adjustable draft controls and height adjustments.

The size of the grill is critical not only to food preparation but also to making sauces and using other BBQ tools.  The Smoke Hollow Pro Series BBQ Grill measures 600 primary square inches thus providing a wide configuration to allow you to grill like a pro. More so it is a designed with sturdy slat side tables. It also includes a slide ash drawer which makes the cleaning process fast and easy. This grill being a charcoal grill definitely gives an authentic, charcoal BBQ-flavored outdoor cooking.


  1. Kamado Joe Classic II Grills

Kamado ovens and grills make it easy for anyone to fall in love with them. This blaze red grill employs a flexible cooking system multilevel. The grill is a half-rack design which doubles up the cooking space allowing more space for on different levels thus different cooking surfaces. The consistent flow of air is managed by the all-aluminum control tower vent while the double-thick fiberglass gasket with about 10 times the normal industry gaskets lifespan gives superior air-tight seal to the grill.

The Kamado Joe Classic II has an advanced six-piece multi-panel firebox design that eliminates breakage is a welcomed upgrade to this Kamado oven and grill. The lid, which has mostly been the biggest headache to most Kamado grill users, has been made 95% lighter thus you can be rest assured that the lid won’t slam shut while cooking.

This grill model features a thick-walled, heat-resistant shell ideal for locking in moisture and also smoke regardless of the temperature. The model also provides an enough space for up to 12 chicken breasts or fillets.  Talking of chicken breasts and fillets, if you want to grill like a pro you have no alternative but to invest in best grilling tools and accessories. Other notable features are its divide and conquer cooking system, precision ventilation dial, a rolling cast iron cart and ash drawer that easy access and cleaning.

  1. Smoke Hollow Tronix Digital Smoker

The Smoke Tronix Digital Smoker 40-inch cabinet provides about 1035 square inches of amble cooking space. It is an electric smoker with a large digital display, integrated meat probe and for better visibility LED lights. The grill offers 3 smoking options; hot smoke, cold smoke and fast smoke in addition to the dual element responsible for an even and faster cooking. The grill model also includes the easily filled water Port at the side of smoker together with a large wood chip drawer. The ease of mobility is reinforced by wheels. More convenient merits include; integrated Bluetooth, easy accessible water tray and dual heating element.


The electric bit of this smoker allows you to use a mobile app to operate this smoker from a smart device. Unlike other smokers, Smoke Tronix offers a “cold smoking” setting allowing you to smoke your food without overcooking. The Smoke Tronix “fast smoke” setting allows fast smoking as the name suggests. The app that can operate the smoker is available on iOS or Google play.


  1. Weber Spirit E-310 Review

The three-burner Weber Spirit E-310 delivers excellent results. It has a total cooking area of 529 square inches measuring 424 primary square inches. Despite not including a side burner, it has two side tables and grills evenly. A cinch to use and to clean. This model uses a propane gas tank thus the tank is refilled when empty. Like any other gas grills, when the Weber Genesis E-310 is used as per the instruction manual it is safe and built with solid construction for durability.


  • Durable, solid build
  • Grills evenly
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Heats quickly
  • Long warranty


  • Relatively lesser features
  1. Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg grills, smokes and even cooks to perfection. Its design offers superior heat control. It comes in several sizes with the large version having 262 primary square inches.  The smoker is simple to use after having a hang of it. The removable louvered top is easy to clean and can be used all year-round without fear of it cracking during cold weather. Buy the Big Green Egg and it will surely last forever. It goes without saying that it is relatively expensive but a worthy investment.


  • Versatile
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Extremely durable; solidly built
  • Comes in seven sizes


  • Relatively expensive
  1. Weber Smokey Joe 14″ Charcoal Grill

The Weber Smokey Joe 14″ Charcoal Grill performance is similar to a full-size Weber grill. It is a great grill that’s highly portable small charcoal grill ideal for two people. It measures 147 primary square inch big enough for four burgers. Imparts great grilled flavor.  Furthermore, it is simple to operate and clean although at times the vents clog with ashes. It is designed with “rock-solid” construction that’s durable yet inexpensive thus a great money value.


  • Versatile
  • Imparts good, grilled flavor
  • Solid, durable construction
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Vents clog with ashes


Outdoor Grills Buying Guide: What are the best Outdoor Grills and Smokers

Type of Grills

  1. Charcoal Grills

A charcoal grill is a versatile option that is very easy to use and add flavor to your grilled food. They’re simple as they can be described as giant steel bowls holding smoldering charcoal. Simplicity makes them affordable and very dependable. Due to their very high heat they are great for searing meat although the heat might not be evenly distributed and of course takes longer to light. This might be deemed as a bad thing until you meet enthusiasts who claim that extra trouble is as small price to pay for the great flavor charcoal grilling is known for.

Remember I said they are versatile? Yeah that is due to the fact that they can double up as smokers too. If you wondering what molecule is a smoker worry no more and just read on. Charcoal grills are definitely kings of backyard grilling for the smoky flavor. See the best charcoal grills in your local store.

  1. Smokers/Pellet Grills

I am not the kind of person to keep anyone waiting. At least I have never had the honors. Smokers specialize in slow, unique and rich flavored cooking. Smokers prepare food by bathing it in waves of smoke thus adding a succulent and smoky flavor. Unlike charcoal grills they cook at low temperatures thus it requires intense patience to achieve the authentic taste.

The surprising fact is you may make pizza using a smoker as long as you are patient enough. A pellet grill could be defined as a form of smokers. They are all-natural fuel source from a byproduct of wood such as sawdust that is a more environmentally-friendly than charcoal. Pellets heat up faster than charcoal, easy to clean up despite costing more than charcoal which is readily available. Like a charcoal grill these items are ideal for your backyard.

  1. Ceramic Grills

These Grills are designed from porcelain glazed ceramic as the name suggests. They are super in moisture and heat retention due to its dome shaped lid and the ceramic material. Furthermore, they dampers on the top and bottom for easy control of the internal temperature. Ceramic grills fuel is charcoal thus can produce very high cooking temperatures perfect for 2-zone system grilling. This is where coals are placed on just one side of the grill thus allowing direct and indirect cooking. However, despite seaming like an advanced charcoal grill, it is quite heavy limiting portability.

  1. Natural gas grills

Aside from charcoal and wood, let us see the natural gas grills. Before we get any further you ought to appreciate that this grill requires installed dedicated gas line. It might sound expensive on paper but over a period of time you realize it has lower fuel costs. In order for cooking to take place it requires the natural gas to be burned so as to heat the briquettes thus the grill’s the cooking surface. These grills are loved for the convenience they offer as they heat quickly and simplicity in using.

With gas grills you probably won’t need to have your own temperature as they come with an inbuilt temperature gauges. Like a charcoal grill, the versatility of gas grills allow for both direct and indirect cooking. This grill is ideal for the patient lot that is not willing to wait for the charcoal grill and smokers. However, using gas grills you risk the authentic and smoky BBQ flavor.

  1. Electric Indoor Grills


Electric grills definitely use an electric heating element. Just like gas grills above, they make insignificant if any alteration to the flavor of the food. The heat is very easy to control, evenly distributed despite not reaching as high temperature levels as charcoal or gas grills. On brighter side, this is the only grill type that can be safely used indoors.


  1. Size

How many people do you intend to grill for and under what conditions? This query should guide you as you shop for the perfect grill. Manufacturer refers to the size of the main cooking grate of a grill when they indicate primary square inches. The higher the primary square inches the more surface for grilling at once. The secondary square inches on the other hand is the measurement of the warming rack. Size becomes a point of contention depending on the groups you plan to satisfy, therefore for a large group a larger grill is the best option

  1. Heat production

When shopping for gas grills, you should settle for the one with enough heat production to fully cook your preferred demands. Don’t simply settle for the highest BTUs unless of course it gives a great ratio with comparison to the size and shape of that particular grill. Mostly the smaller grills have higher cooking temperatures despite relatively fewer BTUs.

  1. Construction Materials

Ceramic, cast aluminum, stainless steel or simply cast iron are majorly the materials used to design grills. If you want great convenience then stainless steel is the way to go as you will not have to worry about rust and corrosion. In the recent past ceramic grills have been gaining popularity. This can be attributed to the fact that these grills give a unique grilling experience and keeps your food tasty.

  1. Cost

A famous rapper said the other day that you can’t afford it if you can’t buy it twice. Well I don’t know about that yet I still appreciate that the cost is the greatest determinant of what grill you purchase. Not just the cost of the grill and its tools but also the operational costs. You do not have to be alarmed as we have put together the best outdoor grills and smokers that will definitely suit you regardless of your budget. As indicated earlier natural gas grills have a high short term cost but in the long term they cost lesser than their counterparts. You should note that the best grills do not necessarily have to be the most expensive or largest models.

Best Grilling Tools and Accessories

When that time of year comes for great family visits a BBQ grill becomes part of the great food prepared for our loved ones. The taste of BBQ regardless of where you get it at has a tendency to make people run out to get grills for both the spring and summer season. Before you run to the store just yet, check out the best grills and smokers. You’ll agree with me that a great barbecue is not only a great meal but also a great way to spend time with friends and family. I believe in the narrative that if you must do anything you have to do it right. That said, to have a BBQ you ought to invest in the proper grill tools.

The demand for BBQ grilling tools has led to increase of the commodity in the market. I bet you will bump into grilling utensils, tools and accessories in your local stores. Another very common place to purchase BBQ accessories is definitely online. Under such circumstances most people tend to make a regrettable mistake.

Must Have Grill Tools

Before we start a lot of sideshows on barbecuing and grilling we should check what the essential are in this area. The question when hope to answer in this section is what grill tools do you need and what accessories are essential? Of course there is a different between grilling tools and grilling accessories. To fully understand the difference read our grilling tools and accessories buying guide article. There are five basic utensils that you must have included in your grilling arsenal. For those of us conversant with this grilling business, you probably already have them. For the newbies in the grilling business here is a quick overview to commence your grill master’s journey.

  1. Tongs- Tongs perform a number of functions that include flipping steaks or turning vegetables. Often, tongs are purchased as part of a set comprising of a large two-tined fork and a spatula.

Best Grilling Tongs

  • OXO Good Grips grilling tongs and turner Set – The dishwasher-safe stainless steel with nonslip rubber handles are spring loaded with their ends scalloped for safe gripping. They also include a loop for hanging while employing a mechanism for storing such that they are locked in closed position.
  • LamsonSharp Fish Tongs – its a jumbo hybrid of tongs and spatulas ideal tool for flipping fish, burgers among other crumbly foods. Designed with a rosewood handle to protect against the heat. Also present is a leather loop to enable hanging.
  • Mr Grill Luxury Oak Barbecue tongs
  1. Grilling Spatula- A spatula is meant to help you turn hamburgers over. This means grilling spatula is generally used in relocating food on your grill. As with tongs above, spatulas often come in sets of basic grilling tools.

Best Grilling Spatulas

  • Weber Style 6446 Fish Turner – Spatulas come in slotted and solid. You best bet is the solid with a firm and well-insulated handle. The solid is preferred for pressing things down hard on a griddle or in a frying pan.
  • Zenware utensils set with spatula and scrapers
  • Overstockedkitchen New Grill set with spatulas
  • Blackstone 5 piece Grill Griddle and BBQ tool kit
  1. Fork- A long handled and two-tuned fork is a common tool for grilling. Its major role is to move food around while also helping in cutting and checking of your food. This item together with spatula and tongs make the triad of the basic grilling tools. Ideally, a set of the three tools costs as much as you are willing to pay for them from as low as ten dollar.

Best Barbecue Fork

  • New star Foodservice 13-inch Barbecue fork
  • Grille Perfect Barbecue turner fork
  1. Thermometer- Definitely not for a fever resulting from stress of grilling. A cold beer will most certainly do the trick. The thermometer is meant to be inserted into meat to ensure cooking is being done at an appropriate internal temperature for the specific type of protein to attest it has been cooked thoroughly. Thermometers can be found online, at a grocery store or department store near your residence.

Best Grilling Meat Thermometers

  • ThermoPro TP20 Digital Thermometer
  • ThermoPro TP16 LCD Digital Thermometer
  • Instant Read BBQ Meat Thermometer for Grill
  1. Baster- Properly seasoned of your food can prove a challenge without a baster. These tools resemble a small paintbrush with fine bristles. You will soon discover that brushing sauces and any liquid seasoning is a breeze while using a baster. Best Basters for Grilling.
  • Mr Grill Basting Brush
  • Grill BBQ silicon Basting Brush
  • Silicon BBQ/Cooking gloves


Luxury BBQ Tools

Regardless of your financial muscle you will be interested in affordable luxury BBQ tools. This is definitely a high-end barbecue tool set which ideally command digging a little deeper into your pockets. However, you may want the same quality of product without paying the “high-end” prices. For that reason and nothing else we have the below products:

  • Mr Bar-B-Q 02066x Prestige tool set.
  • Cuisinart CGS-5020 grill set.

Other Grilling Tools

The grill accessories are a necessity to consider while purchasing a grill for your BBQ. There are a number of people that overlook this fact and more often than not they end up regretting and so forth. Of course I would hate you for to be in that statistics hence compiled more accessories and tools you might need for your BBQ.

Accessories and tools you might need for your BBQ:

  • a wire brush,
  • Cuisinart Grilluminate Grill – The Grilluminate LED light that turns dark into say can be easily attached to most hood handles on gas grills. It comprises of six bright LEDs that extend downward to clear the bottom of the grill hood thus delivering more light than expected. Made of metal the body is definitely weather and heat resistant. Its adaptable clamp can be adjusted to accommodate various shaped handles.
  • Rapala filet knife – I personally love the Rapala Soft Grip. If not for its cheap price then it must be the thin and flexible blade that is dangerously sharp. I discovered it was deal for r slicing tomatoes, boning, removing silver skin on meat or even cutting ribs on hot peppers. A friend of mine also says it’s the best for filleting and I agree. The knife is easy to clean with a dishwasher and you can feel free to sharpen it.
  • Grill grate scrapers – GrillGrates amplify heat while preventing flareups. You can attest to the fact that it makes turning foods easier, kills hot spots and produce great grill marks. They are easy to clean and can be easily removed from one grill to another.
  • Adjustable pepper mill – The Kyocera adjustable grinder is easy to adjust into various sizes of the grind. Any expert will tell you as I do, the size of the grind is very important as it influences the flavor. Just like its common knowledge freshly ground pepper out doers` the pre-ground.
  • grill spatula,
  • Garlic press- A good garlic press should release more oils and flavors than the amount gotten from mincing with a knife. Get a sturdily built garlic press with an easy grip and is easy to clean. Avoid non-stick models of garlic press. I recommend the Trudeau Garlic Press.

Top Ten Barbecue Accessories & Grill Tool Sets

  1. VonHaus Stainless Steel BBQ Accessories Tool – Includes a storage case harboring Barbecue Grill Utensils.
  2. BBQ Grill Tools Set with 16 Barbecue Accessories – It comprise of stainless steel utensils harbored in an Aluminium Casing
  3. Simplistex stainless-steel BBQ Grilling Tool Set – It has 4-piece starter  barbecue kit with a carry bag.
  4. Best Choice Products stainless steel BBQ Grill Tool Set – Comes with an Aluminum storage case
  5. Flamen stainless steel BBQ Barbecue Grill Tool Set
  6. Culina BBQ Tool Set.
  7. Grill Tool Set BBQ tool set with 24 pieces of stainless steel grill utensils with an aluminum case for storage.
  8. Budweiser grilling tools & Barbecue grill set with a storage case. The set also includes built-in bottle openers
  9. Chef Basics 7 Piece BBQ tool set & aluminum storage case made by KOVOT
  10. Estilo stainless steel 18-pieced grill tool set.




There are many retail stores and websites that sell kits containing all the BBQ accessories for grilling. Some grills in your stores also come with sets of grilling accessories. If you are searching for grilling accessories ensure that you find the best price. For those of us with access to the online stores or simply local retail store your first concern should be to get best prices to ensure you get the best deal.

Grilling Tools and Accessories Buying Guide: How to buy Grilling Tools and Accessories

With the growth in barbecue grilling technology one of the best way to spend a weekend with family and friends is to gather and have a great meal over a hot grill. It really doesn’t take much to be a griller. However, in order to be a great griller with easier and more successful grilling experiences you require the best grilling accessories and tools.

It is mandatory to take care of your grill if you plan to have it around for a long time. That won’t happen if it is left uncovered and dirty hence you need grilling accessories to aid in cleanup and maintenance. Thanks to evolution of barbecuing, there are numerous grilling tools and accessories to make your life a whole lot easier as compared to traditional grilling. This might be super confusing to a first timer. We hope our grilling accessories buying guide to help you to pro status. Let’s get to it then, shall we?

Here is an overview of the essential tools that should be in your possession is for want to commence barbecuing or grilling.

  • Tongs- With a good pair of tongs, you are assured of a good grip. They ought to be easily squeezable and allow a great grip despite the size of the cookware. Despite a gripping edge it should not cut into meats. Bottom line, a tong is only good if it at all fits in your hand, manageable weight and a good reach.
  • Thermometer- Of course a thermometer monitors temperature but this time rather than checking our body temperature we check the cooking temperatures on the grill’s body or also hood. There are several thermometers that serve the purpose, some are multipurpose and can be removed to gauge the interior temperature of the foods.
  • Spatula- A good barbecue spatula should be able to easily slip under foods in order to lift and turn. Actually that’s all the purpose it should serve without tearing them apart.
  • Fork- There is a myth that never use a fork on meat while grilling. As I said it is a barbecue myth but the easiest way to flip meats on a grill is using a fork.
  • Burners- The more burners you have the greater your control over the grilling heat this is because they facilitate heat either directly or indirectly. Technological evolution has gave birth to infrared burners which are perfect for sear food. First, heat is directed from the gas burner to a ceramic tile. Then the heat is converted to infrared energy. Finally, heat is radiated onto the food. Infrared burners achieve extremely high heat and allow for quick searing of meat as they lock in the juices. To understand burners and their impact read best outdoor grills and smokers.

Now that we have looked at the necessary grilling tools it is about time we understood the difference between a tool and accessories. In simple terms a tool is a gadget that is used to perform a certain task while an accessory is responsible for aiding a tool to offer optimum performance. Therefore grilling tools take an active role during the actual grilling or barbecuing while grilling accessories clean and maintain the grilling tools. I welcome more definitions or inputs on the comment section. So we shall first go through the grilling tools then the accessories.


  1. Grates- Cooking grates are designed in enameled porcelain and stainless steel forms. Stainless steel are great as they resists rust and corrosion. Porcelain is a good insulator enabling the grill have a high temperature. Upgrading grill grates will bring life back into your old grill.
  2. Rotisseries- Add-on grill rotisseries allow you to enjoy extraordinary flavors from rotisserie cooking.
  3. Side Burners-Think of a side burner as an additional cooking surface to prepare other items while still grilling concurrently. Side burners allow you to prepare an entire meal without necessarily having to go back to your kitchen.
  4. Warming Racks- Warming racks are attach inside the grill to add space and keep grilled items warm.
  5. BBQ mitts or gloves- A professional grill master understands the importance of using barbecue mitts. They let you handle BBQ skewers, hot pots and rotisserie. Read our review of the best oven mitts and gloves.
  6. BBQ skewers- What. To make a great kebab you need is a broad flat blade skewer. They ought to be stainless steel to avoid rusting.
  7. Barbecue brush mop- The word mop gives all ideas but this is basically a cotton mop to add flavor and moisture.
  8. Electronic Igniter- This is a modern day match using on your grill. It works by a button just being pushed to ignite the grill.
  9. Rotisseries- Rotisseries are responsible for moving the food around the grill. They require a lot less heat as compared to traditional grilling techniques.


  1. Brushes- Grills like any other tool bust be kept clean to maintain it and its performance. For instance left over grime could deteriorate and ruin the taste of grilled food. Grill brushes are used to easily clean thus extending the life of the grill.
  2. Carts and Drawers- Grill carts and drawers serve the purpose of adding extra utility space. They comprise of several storage compartments, shelves and work surfaces.
  3. Cookware sets- These are the specialized utensils used in grilling such as holders, cutting boards, pans and griddles. Also drip pans which are easily removable to ease cleaning. Look at the factors to consider before buying your cooking set.
  4. Covers- Covers protect your grill and keep it safe from corrosion to extend grill’s lifespan. Most covers in the modern grills are stored in a built-in compartment.
  5. Grill wipes- A clean and well-oiled cooking surface enables a successful grilling. Oil-infused grill wipes are used to keep your cooking surfaces very clean.
  6. Barbecue brush- Using scrappers to clean cooking grates can damage porcelain coatings. That’s why you need a simple brass brush to do a good cleaning job.




6 Best Folding Camp Kitchens

Setting up a camp kitchen isn’t as tough as you might have been made to believe it to be. Camping like other outdoors are greatly recommended for team building and generally fun times. It’s a good break from your noisy neighbor and monotonous daily routine. Camping doesn’t come well equipped with a kitchen or other tools available at home. I think that’s the point of outdoors because if you carry your home with you into the forest, well where is the adventure in that? The beauty of it is that you have to prepare your own food while in the venture out in the wild. That necessity gave birth to folding camp kitchens, cabinets and picnic table cupboards. Let us discuss a few such folding camp kitchens in the market.

  1. Cabela’s Deluxe Camper Kitchen

Cabela’s Deluxe camper kitchen is made of heavy-duty steel and and 600-denier sides. Evidently on sight the camper kitchen appears to be heavy and large. Surprisingly, in reality this camper is compact and lightweight. The melamine table tops are ultra-durable and allows for quick folding and easy storage and transportation. Its biggest merit is that it can be easily set up and taken down. It includes large PVC sink thus offers enough space for doing dishes and cooking. The chef has amble room to create culinary art while the removable hanging pantries with customizable shelves offer great convenience. To add on the chef convenience is the dual lantern hooks on the spice rack.

  1. Cabela’s Standard Camp Kitchen

The Cabela’s Standard Camp Kitchen offers great price value as it fits a ton of kitchen stuff. It comprises of three surface areas; side shelves for food storage, a PVC draining sink, and an easy carrying case. This camp kitchen most outstanding feature is extremely portability and the amble working space for the chef thanks to the available three surface areas. The kitchen is designed in such a manner that the middle table is removable while the side pantries and shelves increase storage space. The center basket is tough as its heavy-duty PE mesh. A great similarity to deluxe one except in this case it is smaller but with the same conveniences. There is enough space for storage of not only food and spices but also the cookware sets and tools.

  1. Grub Hub Camp Kitchen

The Grub Hub is designed with outdoorsy people in mind who are always on the move for instance fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing among others. Such people are unwilling to make sacrifices for the sake of a camp kitchen thus desire anything lightweight and super compact. It’s built for extraordinary organization with a table space, a paper towel holder, a stove platform, a kitchen sink and a lantern tower. Your guess is as good as any ones, it is easy to collapse and very portable.

  1. Coleman Portable Camp Kitchen

Coleman is a company is well conversant with anything pertaining outdoor life so it’s not a wonder that their designed camp kitchen would make it to my list of camping convenience. Gosh! I love convenience.  I can assure you that this camp kitchen would certainly make your camping life a whole lot easier. This camp kitchen perfectly fits in a carrying case which makes its portability simple.

The kitchen comprises of an adjustable stand for placing a camping stove or a cooler. It is also designed with hooks to place camping lanterns or kitchen utensils on. Like most reputable camp kitchen it also has a mesh shelf created for the utensils, pans and pots safe storage.



  1. GSI Outdoors Gourmet Camp Kitchen

A friend of mine once said that the sole reason why any camper needs a proper kitchen is having a comfortable place to wash dishes. I would argue that food storage is the most essential but who am I to rubbish opinions. Well if there is a camp kitchen that believes in sinks is GSI outdoor Gourmet camp kitchen. You read that right, SINKS.

This camp kitchen comprises of a double sink. It also has a foot pressurized faucet. The water faucet happens to be the major thing lacking in most camp kitchens out there. Definitely this is what sets this kitchen apart among its counterparts as it a faucet.

It offers a different experience as far as food preparation and organization is concerned. Look how much convenience it offers as you really don’t have to worry about disposing waste water as you have running water. It is very easy to overlook the majority of us who suffer from a disadvantaged vertically but not with this kitchen camp. The adjustable legs allows you to work at your comfortable height despite your height.

  1. Coleman Packaway Deluxe Camp Kitchen

You remember I had so much good stuff to say about Coleman Company. You probably had your doubts but here we find ourselves also reviewing their Packaway Deluxe Camp Kitchen. It is one of the quality camp kitchens that I have had the privilege of using not just as a reviewer. It was impressive as it comprises of a full size kitchen structure allowing you to comfortably enjoy cooking as if you are at your own house.

Of course it is better than the house because you also have pleasure of enjoying the outdoor breeze. To ease organization it comes with separate areas for your camping stove, for cooking food, for grilling and storing your cookware. It is also designed with a removable washing tub for cleaning your hands, washing the fruits and vegetables. It offers ample storage space for all your belongings.


Hey! If you are staying an entire weekend in the wild it is common sense that you have to seek a little help with camp organization, cleanup and food storage. In such a case making an investment in one of these best camp kitchens is a purchase that will prove to be a saving. No kidding, literally a life saver.  While on the road you need an all-in-one kitchen equipment that keeps all your belongings secured in a series of shelves, cabinets, cubbies and racks. May the adventure never stop!

Folding Camp Kitchens Buying Guide: What to Look for in a Camp Kitchen

Having a well-organized and functional camp kitchen is greatly underrated. For instance I once was sharing with my grandpa, who was in the military thank you very much Sir, how camping was before too much technology introduced ‘.com’ camping as he referred to it. Well not to sound discouraging but if you have problems using the modernized folding camp kitchen then during his time you’d shoot yourself in the head at the thought of camping. Everything was custom made by campers in the campsite. It create a camp kitchen mostly extended into the night just when you think you are almost done there comes a heavy downpour and wets all your firewood. I thank God for technology.

Whether traditional, modern or whatever camp kitchen you are willing to experiment on, there are common goals we all hope to achieve; storage, stove with matches or any source of cooking fire, enough fuel, cookware, utensils and cutlery. On the luxury end you might decide to have an oven and pocket knife. As much as I would love to write about traditional campsites, this article will duel on a guide to purchase a modern folding camp kitchen.

  1. Storage

We have reviewed a good number of best folding camp kitchens so far in a number of articles. However, as far as bins go we recommend a durable higher quality bin. Also make sure that it is a bin that properly fits your camp stove. Tin foil is great at storing leftover food. A good camp kitchen has amble room to create culinary art. Furthermore, the chef should enjoy convenience with a large enough sink to do dishes. It should enable organized storage of your kitchen items. By virtue of it being a folding camp kitchen it should be very easy to store and transport. Furthermore, it can be easily set up and taken down.

  1. Camp stove

In modern camping a high quality burner stove to cook your food on is a necessity. There are a variety of stoves out there ranging from those with a single burner to three burners. They also vary with the kind of fuel used, the conditions under which they work best and the number of hungers they can accommodate. Check out the camp stoves product guide to have a better understanding of what sort of camp stove will satisfy your needs.

  • A propane tank – I recommend a refillable propane tank for your camp kitchen. Most propane stove offer a great performance and affordability balance. (Coleman PerfectFlow)
  1. Cookware

I would encourage anyone without camp cookware items which basically include cups, plates and bowls to buy a complete cookware set.  We have discussed the available best camping and backpacking cookware sets. I am sure you will find that article very informative as you plan and make purchases for your camp kitchen. A cookware set is better as it is a total package with everything you’ll need pots, pans, plates, cups and bowls. It comes with its pack for a neat organization. It great especially for those of us that are not familiar with kitchen stuff to help us not forget some items. You may also walk into your store downtown and purchase the necessary items separately.

  • Pots and Pans
  • Utensils; Cups, Plates, Bowls
  1. Other Necessities for a camp kitchen
    • Oven Mitt – Your cooking will be greatly threatened if you forget to bring with you effective oven mitts or at least a pot grabber for your pots and pans. You are wondering what an oven mitt is please read the best oven mitts for outdoor BBQ grill.
    • A Tea Kettle – once you are in back country you will have to fall in love with coffee, tea or anything that requires boiling water. In that case a tea kettle will prove a great company instead of using your pot to boil water. It is very convenient when all your pots are dirty.
    • Trash Bags – You should never allow yourself to leave any traces of your existence in a campsite once you leave. What this simply means is that you should leave the place as you found it if not better. To achieve this a few trash bags or grocery bags will help you maintain cleanliness while camping and good disposal afterwards. Keep garbage in the trash.
    • Water carriers
    • Extra Items for luxury camping

If you are anything like me, you camp for leisure. That said, it should be are relaxing and luxurious as humanly possible. Above we have looked at the items that are necessary for survival but now is time to jump to the fun bit.

  • CookwareThis is no repetition. We have looked at the necessary cookware items for survival at the campsite. However, having all the possible cookware items is a great luxury. If you have money to spare in your budget then you can have more camp kitchen kit and items. Such items include; spatula, cheese grater, can opener, serving spoon, strainer, collapsible large bowl, chef knife with Sheath, dish Soap, Dish Scrubber, Cutting Board and corkscrew.
  • Spice Kit – If you have to cook an amazing meal then spices will come along way. There are several options for storing the spices other than a spice kit for instance small plastic bottles. Having a tasty meal is a luxury believe me. They include; salt and pepper, curry powder, red pepper and Italian spices.
  • Lantern – As much as lantern to light up the kitchen is not necessary it is a huge bonus which makes me find it luxurious.
  • Medical kit – Stay safe although most of us could think having a medical kit as a precaution is pretty luxurious.t squash soup warm).
  • Oven and BBQ Grill.  – No matter how you look at it. Cooking your own pizza or having a barbecue will camping is mad fun. This is a luxury that I personally categorize as a necessity. Camping is where you make awesome desserts!
  • Pocket Knife – While on outdoor activities, more often than not you will find a pocket knife extremely useful.

5 Best Collapsible Water Carriers

For any outdoor activity staying hydrated is very critical. Furthermore, once your campsite is set you require water for cooking and sanitation. However, all water containers can serve the intended purpose but the major drawback is that they aren’t portable enough.  The ability to possess, carry, disinfect and store water ought to be at the top of everyone’s survival skill sets. We insist on a guide to purchasing collapsible water carriers during due to a fact that they ought to :

  • Weigh less
  • Take up less space
  • Easily portable

Here are some of the reviewed collapsible water carriers that will most certainly make your backpacking, hiking or camping bearable and hydrated.

  1. Yosoo 5 Gallon Collapsible Water Carrier

The problem with majority of collapsible water containers isn’t that they not portable enough but don’t hold enough. Despite not being able to carry enough of the water needed, they are convenient and pack well.


  • It is designed to fold flat to enable its storage inside of a bag.
  • It can tuck securely into any place such as under the car seat or a tent.
  • Has two built in carry handles to make transporting it extremely easy
  • Designed On/Off spigot eliminates the fear of spillage as it allows easy pouring of water.
  • The storage capacity is relatively bigger than other collapsible containers. Holds a whopping 5 gallons.
  1. Stansport 5 Gallon Collapsible Water Carrier

This 5 gallon collapsible water carrier is designed using heavy duty polyethylene. The carrier is ideal not only for all your outdoor use but also emergency usage. It is very handy with use with folding camp kitchen with a sink. It folds flat to ease the hassles of storage. The fact that it is a heavy duty polyethylene makes it relatively durable. The design caters for sturdy carrying handles.

  • On/off spigot for easy filling.
  • Sturdy carrying handles.
  • Folds flat to allow compact storage.
  • Ideal for all your outdoor activities.
  • Higher durability due to heavy duty polyethylene material.


  1. The Jolly Tank

The Jolly Tank makes it among my personal favorite survival water carriers.  I was introduced to this water carrier by a friend and it was love at sight. It holds 2 gallons of water. The carrier folds down to a very small size which is equivalent to about the size of a wallet.  Needless to say it is easily portable. The Jolly Tank weighs just a few ounces.


  • Folds down to a very small size.
  • Easily portable.
  • Ideal for an individual’s hydration while hiking or trekking.
  • Sturdy carrying handles.


  1. The Collapsible Platypus Water Bottle

The Collapsible Platypus Bottle is mostly used as a Bug out Bag water container.  The carrier literally rolls up into almost nothing when empty.   I’ve used I have the 2 liter version of collapsible platypus water bottle and I can attest to the container’s durability.  The compact design is easier with storage of the container.


  • The container is durable.
  • Folds flat to allow compact storage
  • Ideal for an individual’s hydration while hiking or trekking.
  • Easily portable.


  1. AONIJIE collapsible outdoor water bag

It’s a PEVA, food-grade environmental protection water bag designed for outdoor sports and activities.Folding design definitely make it easy to carry and to use. It has a large open mouth that makes it easy to clean. Designed with a removable closure.

  • The container is durable.
  • Ideal for an individual’s hydration while cycling, hiking or outdoor sports.
  • Easily portable.
  • Easy to clean.



All container can carry the much needed water they don’t offer the much needed convenience especially during backpacking expeditions. Obviously, collapsible containers are typically not durable in comparison to their rigid counterparts as they have a thin walled design.  However, to our surprising most of them are durable despite being more susceptible to puncture and cuts.  In a survival scenario the weight of your luggage is critical, thus making the pros of these containers to overshadow the cons. Most certainly it’s up to you to decide when if portability outweighs durability. Whether you’re interested in a survival kit or just a lightweight water transport solution ideal for outdoor activities, collapsible water carriers is your best bet.

Water Carriers Buying Guide: How to shop for Collapsible Water Carriers

I know what you are probably thinking, “this is going to be a total bore and waste of time.” Hold your horses.  The water carriers especially on outdoor events should adhere to simplicity, utilitarian, peacock-bright colors to be easily spotted and unique designs. Furthermore, it should be environmentally responsible. Now let’s jump to the juicy parts, you might have realized that water carriers are ubiquitous basically available anywhere that sells outdoor gear or sell anything for that matter. Of course the primary function of a water carrier would be to hold water so anything that serves the purpose can be good. The question therefore is, is just good really good enough?

I believe you should have the privilege of benefiting from a bottle tailored specifically to your drinking style. Actually this is no privilege as you have earned it by virtue of being alive in the 21st century. Now I am here to guide you on how to choose the best water bottle. There major factor to consider from any manufactured collapsible water carrier is whether it offers convenience to transport and use water.


  1. Uses

Now you probably think am a dummy. Water carrier is for holding water until we decide otherwise right? You will therefore be thrilled by the kind of technology put in place just to better your drinking experience ranging from double walled stainless steel to baskets that capture leaves debris such that you can brew tea. The collapsible and fordable design of the water carriers make them handy for traveling. Therefore when I refer to use as a factor to consider I intend to communicate that you ought to buy a bottle depending on its intended primary use. It could be for travel, other outdoors or simply inside the house. The only excuse I would have for using a drinking water bottle inside the house is to avoid doing extra dishes, water glasses.

I have done a number of articles on outdoor activities and surprisingly the statement ‘it is stupid to sacrifice performance for style’ manages to pop up every time. For instance Bamboo Bottles may appear fancy with the internal straws and removable glass insert which is great for home use but when taken for a hike it is heavy thus inefficient. My advice is to always balance luxury with pack-ability during your outdoor adventures. Good thing the collapsible water carriers folds for easy transport and storage.

Performance water bottles out to be tough to survive through harsh conditions and abuses. While backpacking you must keep yourself hydrated thus water carriers with strap system to securely attach it to your backpack is greatly advised. Furthermore, purification system of the water carrier is another important consideration for back country use. Water carriers come in different volumes so it is prudent to select the one that is ideal for your purpose.

  1. Opening

There is nothing that annoys more than splashing water all over your face while just trying to drink. Get it right, there is no harm in splashing water allover yourself but it should never be unprecedented that’s all am saying. Do you plan to drink while trekking, which I highly encourage, then get check the opening. The opening determines how comfortably you drink water, how the water can be filtrated or purified. The opening is the doorway to how you love or hate the bottle.

A spout which is shaped as a cylinder with a ridge to grasp releases enough while sucking on it. Yes I most definitely mentioned sucking so make sure you catch a breath before using a spout. Water bottle nozzles are just straws attached on top of a bottle. They are very simple to use as to close they snap down and move up to open. Like spouts you may have to suck the water as they are bite valves. Spout and nozzles are excellent for minimizing water splash.

Now you fill sucking my water sucks. No worries yours is the screw-tops water bottles. They are multipurpose with varying opening size and their lid may be attached to the bottle using fabric. Some have lids that are not attached but I would highly recommend the ones the lids are attached for obvious reasons. Water spillage relatively reduce with the size of the opening. They are also great for water filtration.

  1. Weight

You remember the example I had above about bamboo water bottles’ weight being okay for home use but tough on backpacking. Yeah weight which is generally measured in ounces is a factor. Generally aluminum and stainless steel bottles weigh heavier in comparison to plastic. Although in my sincere observation the bottle weight is not a major concern to most users.

  1. Portability

I could bet my sanity that the person who first thought of collapsible folded water carrier was purely thinking of its portability especially when empty. I dare you to call me insane. Looking at the two images on the left and below, you will realize that different between portability of the water container and portability of water in the container. The first image makes it easy to carry water between places while the second allows you to actually transport the water container to use in different places or use in the best camp kitchen.   Most water carriers have either handles or straps.  If the collapsible water container is easy to fill and the portability is fine then you were meant for each other.

  1. Materials

Materials used to design a container determines its rigidity. Generally travelers prioritize portability thus pick lighter, collapsible water bottles unlike their hiking, backpacking and mountain cycling counterparts who love a more durable containers. Stainless steel water bottles are insulators thus keeping liquids cold or hot longer than plastic bottles. They are also BPA-free which is healthier. Aluminum water bottles are lighter that stainless steel despite being heavier than plastic. They may use epoxy or plastic resign lining to protect from aluminum leaching in the water. Like stainless steel most are now BPA-free.